Custom-made implants

 how do we do it? 

Analisys: X-Ray, CT, MRI scan, photos

This enables us to quickly assess the patient and tell you what we can do for him 

Case review 

Due to the highest welfare of the patient, we try to keep as much bone and soft tissues as possible and protect the patient's joints.


You participate at all design stage. Your comments are taken into account in the project on an ongoing basis.

FEM analisys and project optimization

After completing and approving the product desing, we perform a number of FEM tests to ultimately optimize the design and verify the initial assumptions. 

Final product

Custom-made implants can be manufactured using conventional technologies such as milling or turning, or very modern ones such as 3D printing.
To make implants, we only use materials with a certificate for medical use in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.